So, here's a small collection of my tunes which I feel are finished (enough) to be made available to all. You have the right to freely download, listen and distribute these songs as long as no modifications are made. That includes id3 tags.
If you want to use any of these songs for anything, I'm probably OK with it, but do contact me first; for example via IRC (tags@EFNet) or mail to:
And now, the tunes: (click titles to download)


Released: TRSAC 2013
Compo: Combined demo, first place
Prod: Kubus by Kvasigen
Info: The first time I've done both the music and code for the same demo :)


Released: Datastorm 2011
Compo: Amiga demo, second place
Prod: Software Makes the Dance Foam Oil by Ephidrena/Kvasigen/RNO
Info: Light-hearted Transformers-inspired electro with some unintelligible vocoder lyrics :D


Released: Kindergarden 2010
Compo: Hi-quality music, shared second place
Info: Originally created about a year earlier, but since I never found a use for it, I released it here. Tune is based heavily on samples from these sources:
Aaliyah - Try again
Pink Floyd - Let there be more light
Jethro Tull - Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow
Xzibit - 2000
BBC - Alchemists of Sound
BBC - Hard Drive Heaven


Thundercats (symphonic metal mix)
Date: 2010-07-24
Info: This is a remaster of an old remix I did for The original is Rob Hubbards soundtrack for the C64 game Thundercats.

I was contacted by a MUGEN developer that wanted to use it as a soundtrack for his a new stage called "Cat's Lair", which is now available here.

Anyway, I've always struggled with the mastering of this one, so it is a bit over-compressed and rough at the edges, but still listenable.

Loaderror vs tags Live @ Supa 2009-03-27 (.mp3|.cue)
Date: 2009-03-27
Info: Me and Loaderror played a live DJ set with some of our tracks at Supa, great fun! For a full tracklist, download the .cue file. This should provide individual track info on most decent audio players out there.


Camden Town
Released: The Gathering 2008
Compo: Combined demo, first place
Prod: Camden Town by PlayPsyCo vs Kvasigen
Info: A bit of a divergence from my recent drum'n'bass stuff. Slow, heavy beat with some elements of breaks and electro. And yes, I managed to sneak a guitar riff in there too when nobody was watching.


Released: Kindergarden 2007
Compo: Hi-quality music, first place
Info: Drum'n'bass with with elements of metal and C64-ish retro sounds.

Because remix
Released: Solskogen 2007
Compo: Combined demo, third place
Prod: hkm-14: bris by Hullkort Masters
Info: A drum'n'bass remix of The Beatles' brilliant song of the same name.


bbwerk (.mp3|.ogg)
Released: 2006 some time...
Prod: Some demo by Hullkort Masters which probably didn't do too well :)
Info: Don't even remember which demo this was, but I'm pretty happy with the tune, so I'm putting it up here. Different style from what I usually do, I guess you could call it big-beat electro or something along those lines.
Note: The mp3 is a transcode from the ogg, but at decent bitrates. If you care about that, go for the ogg.


Released: 2005-08-23
Info: A d'n'b remix medley of some C64 game tunes:
Ben Daglish - Cobra
Matt Gray - Last Ninja 2
Rob Hubbard - Commando
Jason C. Brooke - Out Run
Neil Brennan - The Way of the Exploding Fist
Chris Hülsbeck - The Great Giana Sisters
Peter Clarke - Ocean Loader v3.0


Halloween theme remix
Released: Solskogen 2004
Compo: Hi-quality music, first place
Info: Dark drum'n'bass based on the theme from the Halloween movies.

Old and/or unreleased stuff

Date: 2010-01-19
Info: A cover version of a song I've always loved, the theme tune from Full Throttle (LucasArts adventure game), by The Gone Jackals. I've tried a few times to do any sort of justice to this, and this is definitely the best go so far. It was also a good opportunity to try out my new sE2200a condenser microphone for recording my vocals :)

If you want to check out the original, it can be found on YouTube

Batman NES remix
Date: 2009-02-17
Info: Rock remake of the Streets of Desolation theme from the Batman NES game, original here.

Date: 2008-12-15
Info: Chiptune I made for an OpenVG demo

It's a Beautiful Day on TV
Date: 2007-01-26
Info: Ok, this is not finished in any way, it's just a quick fun cross-mix I did between U2 - Beautiful Day and A-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV. My favourite part is where Harket and Bono sing "touch me" in perfect unison :D

Date: December 2005
Info: Ambient, tracked in renoise.

Date: October 2005
Info: Ambient, I guess I listened a lot to Biosphere around this time.

Spectral Prison
Date: 2005-05-29
Info: A tune I did for my class in music technology given some constraints, which was kind of a fun project. Starts off ambient, and goes into a more retro-cheese style towards the end.

Date: August 2004
Info: A psytrance-ish track I did, heavily inspired by a lot of Infected Mushroom-listening. Goes into a more melodic part towards the end.

Flurry of Lights
Date: August 2004
Info: Ethereal-sounding guitar tune, I guess inspired by Pink Floyd and some 80's rock, also featuring some vocals.

Forgot About Commando
Date: Summer of 2002
Info: A mashup of Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre" and the C64 tune "Commando" by Rob Hubbard. Never really released and never really finished, but it seems to be circulating so I might as well include it here.

tags0166 (.mp3|.s3m)
Date: September 1995
Info: An old ScreamTracker 3 module, very creatively named as you can see. Still, probably the best I did from around this time.